From The Archives: August 2009

Barrel O’ Links: August 2009

Heaping tablespoons of linky goodness:

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  • On sustainability, consumerism, and food (Time)

Haiku For The Financial Meltdown

The Crash In 153 Syllables

Now that our little macroeconomic bobble is like, so totally “over,” I’d like to memorialize it with a grid of nine haiku (in non-rhyming 5-7-5 format):

Obama eases
fat cash for lemon Chrysler
Hyundai here I come
Goldman Sachs trader
once mastered the universe
hung by toenails soon
eviction notice
to refrigerator box
or parents’ basement?
systemic failure
food cigarettes guns ammo
not a wingnut see?
traffic seems lighter
underemployed “consultants”
booze and Judge Judy
dental agony!
root canal for “favors,” please!?
do it like that unghh
goddamned repo man
fed dog and took my plasma
smarter than I thought
line worker sobbing
fine Bangladeshi craftsmen
sewed hems of his pants
last storefront emptied
past midnight sneaking landlord
gas can in his hands

Print these out, store them somewhere safe, and show them to your grandchildren, as evidence of the trevails that you endured back in ’09!

Roughing It

Tomorrow, my family unit embarks upon its annual journey to the wild lands of northeastern California, where we’ll spend seven days in the woods.  Our camp is truly in the middle of nowhere - on the shores of a lake in a remote corner of a rural county that encompasses a grand total of two (2) stop lights in its entirety.

Where it's at!

Where it's at!

There, we’ll awaken to the honks of geese floating through the fog.  Frolic lakeside in our skivvies.  Whittle.  Bake our extremities in the sun. Skip stones.  Canoe.  Use crude implements to prepare dinner, and with indescribable pleasure, vanquish a day’s hunger.  Spark twig-and-log teepees.  Roast marshmallows.  Poke at campfire coals.  Stroll under starlight to water’s edge.  Gawk alternately at Milky Way and Perseid streaks.  And finally, bathed in the crisp silence of mountain air, give ourselves back to glorious slumber.

But, most importantly, we shall wash away years of accumulated shame - finally hooking one of the wise and elusive inhabitants of the nearby loch.  For if we do not, Four-Fingered Jack and his Discount Online Fishin’ School will be receiving a most strongly-worded correspondence.  Of that, I can most undoubtedly assure you.

This is gonna be good.