Barrel O’ Links: November 2009

One stuffed¬†turkey’s worth of linky goodness:

  • A high-resolution panorama of the Milky Way (Axel Mellinger)
  • Feeling lucky just got weirder… (Autocomplete Me)
  • From coffee bean to carbon atom (University of Utah)
  • The Pear Flag? Seriously? (Snopes)
  • For the middle-aged, parental, rocker types: Goodnight Keith Moon (GKM)
  • There’s nowhere like home (PewResearch)
  • Mandelbrot + three dimensions = Mandelbulb (Skytopia)
  • Your crass commercialism is in my mass-marketed sports spectacle! (Yahoo)
  • It’s always the booze that gets ya (SeriousEats)
  • Fire all of your guns at once and explode into space (Slate)
  • Paying a Price for the Thrill of the Hunt (NYTimes)
  • Hide the nighties and tidy whities?¬†(Yahoo)
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