bandar bola tangkas

Kelebihan Dan Kekurangan Dari Judi Tangkas Online Judi merupakan permainan yang paling membuat ketagihan. Pemain judi terdiri dari berbagai kalangan, mulai tua hingga muda, pria atau wanita, dan miskin atau kaya, semuanya bermain judi. Ketika akhirnya situs judi tangkas menjadi terkenal, banyak yang kagum dan menganggap bahwa itu adalah terobosan baru dalam industri judi. Lebih danRead More bandar bola tangkas

Poker Domino99

Ruginya Jika Tidak Membaca Informasi Situs Judi Poker Setiap situs judi poker pasti memiliki informasi tentang situs mereka yang dimaksudkan agar dibaca oleh para pemain sebelum yakin untuk bermain di situs tersebut. Informasi tersebut bisa dilihat secara bebas oleh para pemain. Dari informasi itu jugalah, pemain jadi tahu permainan apa saja yang tersedia di situsRead More Poker Domino99

The Pac-Man Drawings

Check out the maze from designer Toru Iwatani’s recently-divulged Pac-Man concept sketches, side-by-side with the final arcade version: Arcade classic Pac-Man and inventor Iwatani’s concept sketch thereof. They’re different!  Why?  As the story goes, after one too many blind Tokyo alleys, Iwatani expunged dead ends from the prototype.  A fortuitous accident in modulo-28 space created the tunnels.  And theRead More The Pac-Man Drawings

Barrel O’ Links: July 2010

One summer vacation’s worth of linky goodness: A Field Guide To Typestaches (torweeks) Yo, ocean, bro? You are like so totally over. (TarpSurfing) Growth opportunities in the Inuit bathing suit market! (NOAA) Many mightily massive multipliers ( God hates Jedi and other revelations (ComicsAlliance) My god, it’s full of conifers! (TreeHugger) Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning (Vittone) “Refute”Read More Barrel O’ Links: July 2010

Freeway Bound

Over at the excellent Twelve Mile Circle, Tom Howder recently wondered: where’s the smallest chunk of occupied land completely surrounded by Interstate highway?  Well, if “occupied” means “residential,” the answer might be Wright Street, a stubby cul-de-sac tucked inside the looping ramps of LA’s Harbor-Santa Monica Freeway interchange: Wright Street (at bottom) and the Harbor-Santa Monica FreewayRead More Freeway Bound

Seeing Carbon Dioxide

This past Halloween, we approached a curious jack-o’-lantern with the solitary number 350carved into its flesh.  A bright-eyed man emerged from the tiny home behind it.  My kids yelled “trick-or-treat!”  He dropped some candy in their buckets.  And then, I asked the question that he’d obviously been waiting for: Industrial emissions. What’s with the 350 pumpkin?  Is that yourRead More Seeing Carbon Dioxide

Introducing The Glass Frisbee

The faint diesel rumble, pitter-patter of delivery-man-sized feet, and thud of corrugated on concrete?  They could mean only one thing: my order from the Surplus Shed had arrived.  Aflutter, I tore to the front porch, shredded the box like a Kindergartner on Christmas morning, and, out of the scraps, hoisted my new lens towards the heavens! You know theRead More Introducing The Glass Frisbee