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Kung Fu Typing

Keyboard Finger Movement Diagrams

A nice white keyboard.If you’re one of the fortunate few who’s successfully completed a typing class, dance those ballerina fingers across the keyboard, you lucky devil!

As for Yours Truly, teenage peer pressure kept me from riding the touch typing train.  Per the sexist suppositions of way-back-when, before computers went mainstream, keyboards were for secretaries, and secretaries were female!  Dudes just didn’t do that kind of thing.

Sans guidance, out of the pecks of a ten-year-old computer programmer, my keyboard technique evolved organically.  Today, at maximum caffeination, via a curious set of finger contortions, I can knock out 55 words per minute – not blazingly fast, but adequate for whatever the typing need…

That is, until I got a Blog!

Now, every morning, I spend three hours making a biggest pile of words that I can muster.  Then, my Blog runs in, gulps it down whole, belches, grins, and enthusiastically inquires:

Thank you, sir, may I have another?  Please please please?!

A responsible Blog owner keeps his animal well-fed, but would a semester of Touch Typing 101 do the trick, or did I simply have to work harder?  I fired off a probing tweet in the direction of my technical staff, for certainly, they could help me with the answer.

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