About Weather Sealed

Welcome to Weather Sealed!  I’m really glad you’re here.  Now, at the risk of seeming too forward, let me tell you something personal:

It’s very hard for me to write this page.  You see, when I came off the assembly line, I tested out fine.  Alas, shortly after shipping, my “Knack For Self Promotion” module went on the fritz, and it’s been that way ever since.

However, so as to avoid the unspeakable singularity that might otherwise result, certain pairings in this world should never be torn asunder.  A biker and his tattoos.  A senior yearbook photo and its quote.  A mattress and its tag.  And, most germane to this discussion, a web site and its Aboutpage.  For the good of humanity, I must press on!

First, a few bits about me.  My full name is Stephen Von Worley, but everyone calls me either Steve or von.  My parents raised me right, and in standardized tests of moral fiber, I consistently rank in the top one-percent.  To me, nothing quite tops the drama of a high desert thunderstorm – except, perhaps, a raging blizzard.  With an assist from my wonderful wife, I’ve propagated my Y-chromosome.  From time to time, my business card includes the word “Chief.”  A native of the Land Of Fruits And Nuts and currently a denizen of its central coast, I’ve lived in a cornucopia of other places – within figurative spitting distance of the Mariana Trench, Smithsonian Institution, Kennedy Space Center, National Atomic Museum, and Gateway Arch, consecutively.

They say that to become an expert in a particular field requires 10,000 cumulative hours of work.  If that’s true, I must be pretty darn good at photography, software engineering, sleeping, and breathing – and reasonably proficient at driving, eating, and going to the bathroom.  Huzzah for that!

Part diary and part therapy for obsessive-compulsive editing disorder, this blog also serves as a safe harbor for thoughts that would otherwise find themselves adrift or marooned upon some distant and undiscovered cerebral island.  The sage teachings of the Internet Dot Com have significantly lowered my Blood Ignoramus Level, and here, I post a sampling of the fruits of my mental labors in a humble attempt to return the favor.

Light on extended narrative, like an episode of the typical sitcom, you can skip the posts that don’t tickle your fancy and everything else should still grok.

And, “Weather Sealed”?  Why the name?  Well, without weather sealing, our toes would be cold, and our popcorn soggy.  And that would be a damn shame.

On that note, let the shenanigans proceed!

Forever Your Trusty Blogger,