The Pac-Man Drawings

Check out the maze from designer Toru Iwatani’s recently-divulged Pac-Man concept sketches, side-by-side with the final arcade version: Arcade classic Pac-Man and inventor Iwatani’s concept sketch thereof. They’re different!  Why?  As the story goes, after one too many blind Tokyo alleys, Iwatani expunged dead ends from the prototype.  A fortuitous accident in modulo-28 space created the tunnels.  And theRead More The Pac-Man Drawings

Barrel O’ Links: July 2010

One summer vacation’s worth of linky goodness: A Field Guide To Typestaches (torweeks) Yo, ocean, bro? You are like so totally over. (TarpSurfing) Growth opportunities in the Inuit bathing suit market! (NOAA) Many mightily massive multipliers ( God hates Jedi and other revelations (ComicsAlliance) My god, it’s full of conifers! (TreeHugger) Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning (Vittone) “Refute”Read More Barrel O’ Links: July 2010

Freeway Bound

Over at the excellent Twelve Mile Circle, Tom Howder recently wondered: where’s the smallest chunk of occupied land completely surrounded by Interstate highway?  Well, if “occupied” means “residential,” the answer might be Wright Street, a stubby cul-de-sac tucked inside the looping ramps of LA’s Harbor-Santa Monica Freeway interchange: Wright Street (at bottom) and the Harbor-Santa Monica FreewayRead More Freeway Bound

Seeing Carbon Dioxide

This past Halloween, we approached a curious jack-o’-lantern with the solitary number 350carved into its flesh.  A bright-eyed man emerged from the tiny home behind it.  My kids yelled “trick-or-treat!”  He dropped some candy in their buckets.  And then, I asked the question that he’d obviously been waiting for: Industrial emissions. What’s with the 350 pumpkin?  Is that yourRead More Seeing Carbon Dioxide

Introducing The Glass Frisbee

The faint diesel rumble, pitter-patter of delivery-man-sized feet, and thud of corrugated on concrete?  They could mean only one thing: my order from the Surplus Shed had arrived.  Aflutter, I tore to the front porch, shredded the box like a Kindergartner on Christmas morning, and, out of the scraps, hoisted my new lens towards the heavens! You know theRead More Introducing The Glass Frisbee