Barrel O’ Links: April 2010

Eight April showers-worth of linky goodness:

  • Close encounters of the octopus kind (YouTube)
  • Watermarks beware: Photoshop CS5’s new “content-aware fill” (JNack)
  • Planes or volcano: what’s emitting more carbon dioxide? (IIB)
  • A virus that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen (SciAm)
  • Scanwiches: two slices of bread and everything in between (Scanwiches)
  • A mighty illusion: This is not a spiral (Make)
  • Need more free time?  End your Web 2.0 life! (SuicideMachine)
  • Welfare, early-1900s West Coast style (SFGate)


And now, we present four regional zooms of the burger territory maps, similar to the originals except that they represent the two most influentialRead More Beefscapes

Name Change

Them young’uns have different names than they used to!  Stateside, a century ago, you couldn’t spit without hitting a John, William, or Mary.  My gradeRead More Name Change